Web and Design

Picking up skills from various projects and partnerships has allowed Andrew to work in web development and graphic design. He is not formally trained in this area but enjoys learning about the functionality of web based media and how that can be used to best present a business, product, or idea.


Vegan Festival Adelaide (Celebration and Outreach Event catering to 18,000 visitors)

  • Maintenance of a SquareSpace based website
  • Maximise ease of use and information clarity when uploading content
  • Work within Branding Standards
An example of working within branding standards. This certificate was sent to over 200 people and businesses following the 2017 event.

Quality in Postgraduate Research (Largest academic conference exploring doctoral education)

  • Upgrade of Wordpres.org website to improve appearance and functionality.
  • Integrate new download management for conference papers.
  • Graphic Design of 2018 Conference Header to be used across print and web media
This graphic forms the basis of the 2018 branding for the QPR conference. The goal was to contrast with the modern style of the previous conference and present a traditional element of education. The blue and gold come from existing branding and the photo from …

Fanciful Notion

As part of the “Whimsy: Truth in Ink” range of wines, Fanciful notion wanted a blurb that was ambiguous as to whether it described the wine or the model. Two wines have been produced in this series so far, for which Andrew wrote both blurbs.

“This bad boy is a complex beast, all wrapped up in a smooth medium bodied bundle. A variety that oozes that woody feel, all wet leaves and tobacco, and is confident enough to have a little colour, indulging in a splash of cherry and spice. A wit neither too dry nor too sharp, you can enjoy now or after a little more maturing.”


“The problem with the first impression is the betrayal. You see a glimpse of a silky texture and think: roses, strawberries, vanilla, nuances of violet – delicate. A longer look reveals a spiciness, even a racy acidity – daring. It’s a contradiction that is a true reflection of our complex world – intrigued?”

K. M. & G. Farrer

Andrew’s parents have run a local business for over 30 years. Looking to update the branding with a new logo, they wanted to maintain a traditional feel but with a modern clean look.

A new logo featuring a formal and traditional font. The ampersand hints at a playful side with a more flowing style.