Curriculum Vitae


2013 – Ongoing     Ph.D. “Ancient DNA studies of Dental Calculus”                                  Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, University of Adelaide, Australia.

2011 – 2012             M.Phil. Human Evolutionary Studies                                                        Division of Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge, U.K.

2007 – 2010           B.Sc. (Hons) Zoology                                                                                    Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester, U.K.


2014  –  L. F. and D. Denholm Scholarship, University of Adelaide.

2015  –  Winner: Post-Graduate Lightening Talks, Royal Society of South Australia


Cooper, A.; Weyrich, L.S.; Farrer, A.G. 2015, The relevance of ancient DNA to contemporary disease, Pathology, 47, S28-S28

Weyrich, L.S.; Dixit, S.; Farrer, A.G.; Cooper, A.J.; Cooper, A.J. 2015, The skin microbiome: Associations between altered microbial communities and disease, Australasian Journal of Dermatology, 56, 4, 268-274

Conference Items

Farrer, A.G.; Dobney, K., Weyrich, L.S.; Cooper, A. 2016, “Unappreciated ecosystem diversity of oral microbiota detected in ancient Britain”, 7th Annual International Symposium for Biomolecular Archaeology (ISBA7), Oxford, United Kingdom

Farrer, A.G.; Lekis, M.; Weyrich, L.S.; Cooper, A. 2016, “Training and Inspiring University Students: Incorporating Science Communication into Research Groups”, Festival of Learning and Teaching, University of Adelaide, South Australia

Farrer, A.G.; Weyrich, L.S.; Cooper, A. 2015, “Ancient DNA studies provide a basis for medical research”, Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) SA Scientific Meeting, South Australia

Grants and Funding

2015: $1,250 – Royal Society of South Australia Small Research Grants Scheme: “The changing function of the microbiota throughout Medieval and Post-Medieval London, U.K.”

2014: $15,000 – L. F. and D. Denholm Scholarship, University of Adelaide

Community engagement

Panelist – CaRST

Panelist – Open in Action: The Case for Open Access Publishing: Panel discussion as part of Open Access Week 2016, University of Adelaide October 2016″Extracting DNA: separating the wheat from the chaff”

– Blog Post: Explaining the basis of DNA, ACAD August 2016

“ScienceAlive! Career Ambassador”

– Event: Speaking to high school students about science careers and university, National Science Week August 2016

“The life on us: Fossils of a microscopic world”

– Article: Outreach to high schools on why ancient dental calculus can be used to study impacts of changing culture, eScience Magazine May 2016


– Blog Post: Artistic elements of an ancient DNA lab, ACAD December 2015

“Thank you to our generous supporters”

– Video: Non-speaking role to thank University supporters, specifically scholarship donor Mrs Denholm December 2015

“Science says! – Adelaide”

– Event: Panel show organised by Science Nation, hosted by RiAus November 2015

“Revealing a skeleton’s history by cleaning its teeth”

– Article: Letter to Mrs. Denholm in the Lumen (University of Adelaide Magazine) Winter 2015

“Andrew Farrer – Ancient DNA and the life on us”

– Interview: Discussing the 3 Minute Thesis competition and PhD research, Radio Adelaide October 2015

” Ancient DNA and the life on us”

– Talk: TransTasman 3 Minute Thesis: Final 10 of the Asia-Pacific competition, University of Queensland October 2015

“Ancient DNA and the life on us”

– Talk: Winner and People’s Choice, University of Adelaide September 2015

“OAGR: a brand new genome database”

– Blog Post: Showcasing a new ancient DNA database, Co-author: Jimmy Breen, ACAD August 2015

“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Bacteria in your Body”

–  Children’s University, extra-curricular science for primary school children, Co-presenter: Laura Weyrich July 2015

“Cleaning the teeth of skeletons: Ancient DNA studies of the oral microbiota”

– Talk: ADOHTA Professional Development Evening July 2015

“Cleaning the teeth of skeletons: Ancient DNA studies of dental calculus”

– Talk: Community presentation, Boroughbridge, UK March 2015

“I hope you remembered to shower”

– Blog Post: Insight into sterile ancient DNA protocols, ACAD February 2014